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 DP2 300T Heavy Lift and Pipelay Vessel for sale or charter as below.
Blt: 2016, China
Class:  CCS  
★ CSA Pipe layer ,Floating crane,Lifting appliance,SPS,
Ice class B,Helicopter facilities
★ CSM DP-2
Flag: China
Navigation Area:  unrestricted
LOA/Beam/Draft: 105.00m/26.00m/4.70m
Max. Deck Loading: 10t/m2
Accommodation: 212 persons
Crane capacity:
Main hook with limited revolving----300t*27.5m
Main hook with full revolving---- 300t*22m
1# Aux. Hook with full revolving----50t*45m
Deck Crane----30t*4.5m-28m
M/E: 2 x Zichai LC8250ZLC-2,  1,765kw@825rpm
Pipe-laying system:
Pipe tensioner----100t
Pipe Dia----101.6mm-1524mm
A/R Winch----100t
Work station----6 sets
Working water depth----5m-100m
DP II system:  PRAXIS
Delivery/inspection:  China, can be delivered at the end of Dec, 2016.

Mọi chi tiết xin liên hệ: Mr Dung (Hotline) :0912.082.229

                                                Ms Tuyet  : 0962.836.459 / 0225.3670.886

VPDD: Số 164 Khu dân cư Hoàng Mai, Đồng Thái, An Dương, Hải Phòng.

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